Adding a hot tub to your property is an exciting prospect. There’s really nothing else that offers the same stress-free relaxation, therapeutic benefits, and opportunities for socialization. But before you can enjoy all the amazing benefits of hot tub ownership, you’ll need to do a few things to prepare for installation. 

Your hot tub dealer will do plenty of the heavy lifting, both metaphorically and literally, when it comes to installation, but there are just a few tasks that will fall to you. To make sure you accomplish those tasks, take a look at this guide on what you should do before your hot tub arrives.

Pick the Perfect Spot

Before you do anything else, you’ll first need to choose the right spot for your hot tub to be installed. You might want to choose a spot that has convenient proximity to your home, you might want to choose an area that offers plenty of privacy, or you might want to choose a place that offers fantastic shade from a gazebo or pergola. Whichever spot you choose, you need to make sure it meets a few requirements.

Modern outdoor hot tub with a cover, placed on a wooden path surrounded by gravel and grass

Steady, Level Ground

First, you’ll need to pick a spot with a strong, flat foundation. You don’t want your hot tub to be at a slant or to sink into the ground slowly over time. If the spot you had in mind doesn’t provide this type of sturdy, level foundation, you’ll need to choose another space or create a concrete pad.    

Dedicated Electrical Circuit

Most hot tubs require a 220v or 240v outlet and require their own dedicated circuit. This means you’ll have to create one specifically for your tub. Limitations on where you can create that circuit may limit where you can place your hot tub. Speak with an electrician well ahead of time to make sure it’s even possible to install in the location you’ve picked.

Proximity to a Water Source

Once it’s installed, you’ll need to drain and refill your hot tub regularly. You’ll likely also want to rinse it off and add water more frequently than that. For these reasons, you need to place your tub within close proximity to a water source.

A Private Space

This one is somewhat optional, but odds are you and your guests are going to prefer privacy when using your hot tub, so carefully consider how exposed your spa will be before you finalize your decision on where to put it. Your neighbors will likely appreciate the consideration, too.

outdoor hot tub with a view, featuring modern design

Determine a Delivery Path

Some properties won’t pose too many issues when it comes to determining the easiest path to deliver your hot tub, but others will require some careful calculation. Either way, make sure you determine the best way to get the hot tub where you want it before the delivery crew arrives. You can do this by using your hot tub’s width as a guide.

Clear Space

You’ll certainly want to clear out space so your hot tub can be comfortably placed in the desired area, but that’s not all you need to think about when it comes to having your spa delivered. You need to create a clear, safe path for the delivery crew to get your tub from the truck to its permanent space. Move any obstructions, clear out overgrown branches and bushes, and consider anything overhead that might get in the way.

Inform the Neighbors and Secure the Pets

Delivering your hot tub should be a fairly simple and totally safe process, but there is potential for danger if someone who lives around you has small children or pets and they’re unaware of what’s going on. Let them know ahead of time about the delivery so they can adjust accordingly. 

If you’ve got pets yourself, they’re probably going to have to adjust their schedules during the delivery, too. You don’t want your pet getting out or getting in the way of the delivery, potentially causing delays or even disaster. Secure them safely while the delivery is in progress, and then let them resume their regular activities once everything is set up.

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