Soaking in a hot tub is undoubtedly a luxurious experience, but did you know it can also be a health-boosting one? Hydrotherapy as it’s called, can offer an array of health benefits from relieving achy joints and muscle discomfort to improving sleep and reducing stress. So, while hot tubs may be a symbol of luxury, they’re also a gateway to a healthier, happier you. Keep reading as we explore the many ways hot tubs can enhance your well-being!

Hot Tub Health Benefits

Stress Relief

Life is full of everyday stressors that can take a toll on your well-being, emotionally and physically. Warm water and massage jets can help alleviate these stresses In fact, studies show that just 10 minutes a day in a hot tub can increase feelings of well-being and decrease anxiety. 

Muscle Pain Relief

Whether you suffer with chronic muscle pain or are experiencing soreness after a workout, a hot tub may be able to provide relief. The warm water and hydrotherapy helps loosen tight muscles, encouraging blood flow and helping reduce pain. Massage jets are also like having your own personal massage therapist. They can alleviate any tension causing you discomfort.

Mid Couple Relaxing in JHT JLXL spa

Joint Pain Relief

In addition to muscle pain, joint pain is another ailment that hydrotherapy can help with. The water’s buoyancy will decompress your joints, while the warm water and massaging jets improve your blood circulation and allow nutrients to flow to injured areas. As well as relieving muscle spasms and tense muscles, improved blood circulation can also reduce swelling and inflammation.

Improved Sleep

According to one study, up to 70% of Americans aren’t getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep can leave you feeling irritable, depressed, nervous, and groggy. You might be able to get a better night’s sleep if you soak in a hot tub about 90 minutes before bedtime. As mentioned above, soaking in hot water helps you relax mentally, meanwhile, the water’s buoyancy helps alleviate your joints. As your body temperature rises, your blood pressure decreases, and so does your heart rate as you reach rest. This signals your body that it’s time to sleep. 

Improved Heart Health

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Taking care of your heart is very important. In addition to following a healthy diet and exercise regimen, using a hot tub can also be beneficial. Just sitting in hot water up to your neck aids cardiovascular health, says Bruce E. Becker, M.D., clinical professor of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Washington.

As you immerse your body in a hot tub, your body temperature rises, making your blood vessels dilate, thus improving blood circulation. As your blood flow improves, more oxygen-rich blood flows to your muscles, including your heart.

Man is Relaxing in a hot tub

Weight Loss

Although hot tubs aren’t designed to make you lose weight, they help reduce stress levels, improve your sleep, and help with recovery after workouts which can help contribute to a healthy weight.

Ready to Take the Plunge?

Many hot tub owners will agree that a hot tub is one of the best investments you can make for your lifestyle. If you’re ready to reap all the benefits a hot tub has to offer, contact us today. We carry a full range of Jacuzzi® hot tubs and accessories to enhance your experience!